The New King of Shower Filters!

At any given time, you could be showering in chemicals, pesticides, and other toxic substances. No one wants that. Yet, our showerheads don’t filter out these contaminants in the water naturally. 

You must install a shower filter to ensure your shower water is free of these sorts of substances while keeping the good minerals in. These filters not only keep the bad stuff out, but they also lead to happier, healthier hair, skin, and nails. 

The Aquabliss Rejuvia HD is the latest in superior filter technology that can rid your shower water of contaminants and unwanted chemicals. This model guarantees a noticeable difference in your shower quality and comes with a 12-month warranty to prove it. 

Want to learn more about how the Aquabliss Rejuvia HD shower head filter can elevate and purify your showering experience? Below, we’re sharing a full AquaBliss shower filter review to help you understand how it works and what other customers have to say about this powerful filtering product. 

Let’s get started!

AquaBliss Shower Filter Review Overview

The Rejuvia HD is the latest product from Aquabliss. The company has gained a reputation as a manufacturer of high-quality shower filters, and the Rejuvia HD represents the company’s best work.

It offers 30 percent more powerful filtering than the other leading brands.

It has been newly re-designed based on customer feedback to create the most cutting-edge shower head filter available on the market.

Main Benefits

The main function of this shower filter is removing harmful and unecesary chemicals from your water but additionally, the Rejuvia HD filter also offers the following benefits:

  • Clearer, calmer skin – healthier nails, less dandruff, less itchy skin, and shinier hair
  • Reduced presence of unwanted substances – pharmaceuticals, pesticides, sediments, chlorine, foul odors, and additional toxins
  • Water so clean you could drink it – beyond looking clean, this water is actually clean at the molecular level
  • Beauty booster – Known as the top shower head filter for noticeably beautiful skin and hair
  • A better shower experience – enjoy your showers with soft, luxurious feeling water with no foul smells


  • No-leak seals
  • Finer redox filter media
  • Easy to access sediment filter
  • Shower filter adapter for universal fit
  • Twist-on
  • Multiple stages of water filtration


  • 30 percent more filtration within the same size filter
  • Impeccable water purity in both cold and hot water
  • Removes odors, sediment, pesticides, toxins, and dirt
  • Reduces scaly build-up and skin flakiness
  • Targets substances that trigger skin irritation


  • Sediment pads need occasional cleaning
  • Inside of the case may peel

Verdict4.9 / 5

This is the best shower filter on the market. It’s even a great water filter for those looking for heavy-duty filtration and skin benefits as long as they don’t mind replacing the unique filter on their own (which is super easy).

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An honorable mention of course goes to Rejuvia’s predecessor and the close number two:

The AquaBliss High Output Universal Shower Filter


  • Weighs less than other similar products
  • Has a short, sleek design
  • Replacement filters are cheap
  • Works with water of any temperature
  • Easy to screw on to your existing shower head


  • May be worth the extra few dollars to get the newer Rejuvia HD model.

Why Do You Need a Shower Water Filter?

Not many people know that the skin functions as the body’s largest organ. That’s right – our skin is an organ, too! Based on the average size of a human, the skin covers about 20 square feet of space. If all of that surface area is absorbing impurities and chemicals, that’s a lot of damage done!

Since most people already use filters on the water they drink, why not filter the water they bathe in? Just as we care about the water we ingest, we should also care about the water we use to clean ourselves. 

Consider these reasons to try a shower head filter:

  • Improved skin and hair. Chlorine has many harmful effects. It is arguably the worst of the common water contaminants. It can strip your nails, skin, and hair of the natural oils that create your barrier. This barrier protects your skin from outside harm, and without it, you’ll feel uncomfortably itchy. A shower filter like the Aquabliss Rejuvia HD will remove any traces of chlorine, creating a noticeable difference in how you look and feel.
  • Reduced cancer risk. Chlorine isn’t the only harmful contaminant in your water. When chlorine reacts with other substances, it can create trihalomethanes (THMs) that are known to cause cancer. By eliminating the THMs in your water, you’re also reducing your risk of developing cancer.
  • Improved air quality. When you take out the harmful chemicals like heavy metals and chlorine from your everyday shower water, you’ll also be filtering out these chemicals from your air. It can also keep out unwanted bad odors that can flow into other rooms of the house.

What Can the Aquabliss SF500 Rejuvia HD Shower Water Filter Help With?

The Aquabliss Rejuvia HD is Aquabliss‘ #1 shower head water filter, and here is why. This is their latest and greatest in filtering technology that uses 30 percent more water filtration material without increasing the filter size. That means more filtration power with every shower without unnecessary bulkiness.

This shower filtration system is helpful for so many things. Some people add a shower filter because their water feels too hard on the skin. Others may notice unfavorable skin changes after showering in unfiltered water, like: 

  • Eczema
  • General itchiness
  • Skin flaking/dryness

It’s only natural to be concerned about the substances and chemicals you’re exposing yourself to daily, and your shower is no exception. Many chemicals are naturally present in our shower water, but most people don’t realize it. 

The Aquabliss Rejuvia HD aims to remove these harmful and often toxic substances to create a greener, safer everyday life. 

What kinds of chemicals and additives can the Rejuvia filter out?

The Rejuvia tackles a wide range of water materials, such as: 

  • Chlorine
  • Sediments
  • Odors
  • Pesticides

That’s right – there’s a chance you’re showering in pesticide runoff right now if you’re not using a proper shower head filter. 

Why Buy the Aquabliss SF500 Rejuvia HD Shower Filter?

There are many different shower head filters to choose from, as you’ve probably noticed during your research phase of shopping. The Rejuvia activated carbon filter has a few advantages over its competitors, and we’re sharing these with you just below.

Filtration System

The Rejuvia filtering technology pinpoints unwanted substances like chlorine, pesticides, and sediments like no other filtration system on the market. However, chlorine is the most common chemical in shower water.

If you are getting your shower water from your local city or a municipal water treatment plant, it’s pretty safe to assume that it has been treated with chlorine. Chlorine is used to disinfect your shower water and kill off viruses, bacteria, and any other harmful pathogens. 

While it’s good that the chlorine is used to purify the water of these harmful substances before it gets to us, there are often traces of chlorine and other chemicals left behind. These tiny particles can work their way through the plant and directly into your sink or shower water if you do not have a shower head filter to block them out. 

Skin Care

You should also buy this filtration product if you’re concerned with how your shower water might be affecting your skin. While there are certain health risks associated with showering in unfiltered water, there are also physical skin effects you won’t notice right away. Chlorine and other disinfecting chemicals can be leached in through the skin and even lead to cancer. 

On a less severe level, showering in unfiltered water can also lead to skin dryness and issues like eczema, dermatitis, and general flakiness. The Aquabliss is touted as one of the best beauty-focused water filtration products on the market for a reason – it eases the rough quality of irritated skin and leaves you feeling rejuvenated! 

Soothing Experience

Showers should be a time of relaxing self-care and hygiene, not a quick cleansing because your water doesn’t feel or smell great. Odors from unwanted additives and the feeling of tiny sediments on your skin can sure ruin a good shower. 

If you’re tired of this, the Rejuvia HD from Aquabliss can help. Other customers love that they can physically see the sediment and chemicals that the filter catches when they unscrew it off their showerhead to switch the filter. 

Some other key features that the Rejuvia has to offer are:

Key Features:

  • Universal adapter to fit any shower head
  • More filtering material and finer level of filtration
  • Easy to install, unscrew, and access the sediment filter
  • Multiple water filtration stages
  • Simple to use and replace filters

Aquabliss SF500 Rejuvia HD Shower Filter Reviews

What better way to learn about this product than to scour some AquaBliss shower filter reviews from current customers? 

Here are some of the most prominent and common points made in customer reviews today:

  • Filter feels solidly constructed and heavier/sturdier than other Aquabliss models
  • You can feel the filter seal onto the showerhead as you tighten for leak-proof showering
  • Comes with a few replacement filters, thread tape, and sediment pads
  • Dry skin clears up to soft, beautiful skin almost miraculously
  • Caught gunk and rust from water and helped the clean shower curtain last longer
  • Hair feels softer after the first wash
  • Didn’t realize how bad their previous filter was until they tried the Rejuvia HD
  • No loss of pressure unless the sediment filter becomes extremely clogged
  • More economical option compared to installing an entire home water filter
  • Included plumber’s tape helps get a nice, thick seal

What to Look For When Buying a Shower Head Filter

Embarking on the journey to buy a shower head filter for your home is no small task. There’s a lot that goes into making a good shower head filter, and a smart buyer should be aware of these aspects so they can make a good purchasing decision that they’ll be happy with months down the road. 

Before you settle on your shower head filter choice, take a look at this valuable information on the buying process.

Types of Shower Water Filters

There are a few different methods that shower filters use to remove unwanted substances successfully. 

These are three of the most prevalent today: 

  • Vitamin C – Surprisingly, vitamin C shower filters can remove both chlorine and chloramine from your shower water. When added to chlorinated water, vitamin c causes a chemical reaction that completely neutralizes both chlorine and chloramine. 
  • Activated Carbon – Typically made from coconut shells, activated carbon filters are great at removing pesticides, VOCs, chlorine, and bad odors/tastes. These will not filter out chloramine, however. Activated carbon filters exist as one of two types – granular activated carbon, and carbon blocks. Carbon blocks are much more effective.
  • KDF-55 – The first portion of this filtration type stands for Kinetic Degradation Fluxion. This type of shower filter is made to remove water-soluble heavy metals and chlorine out of water. It can also mitigate the growth of any scale, algae, or bacteria. This type works well in hot water and is great for showers, but it does not block chloramine.

It’s important to educate yourself on the main types of shower filters before choosing one for your home. Some brands will combine two or more of these methods, others will stick to just one, and some may even use a “proprietary” blend of filtration systems. It’s always a safer bet to stick with a shower head filter that is transparent about how it filters out contaminants.

The Aquabliss Rejuvia HD filter falls under the category of the activated carbon filters, so it should be noted that this filter won’t be able to remove the presence of chloramine.

How to Choose the Right Shower Water Filter For You

As you shop for your next shower filter, here are some details worth paying close attention to:

Reduction of contaminants

Ask yourself which contaminants you’re the most worried about in your shower water. From there, do some research to determine the best way to remove those substances in particular, and to what degree you can expect to get rid of them. 

Shower filter brands will advertise what they are best at removing, but focus on what’s most important to you and your family.

The lifespan of the filter

How willing are you to replace the filter frequently? Some people care about this more than others. 

Take a look at customer reviews to find out the typical intervals between filters. Keep in mind that the house’s size and the quality of your water will affect how long your filters last. 


Does the shower filter you’re looking at come with replacements, or is that something you should go ahead and factor into your budget? Find out how many replacements you can expect to use in a year and compare that cost among your options. 


The last thing you want to do is purchase a shower head filter that doesn’t fit the shower head you already have. That means either returning it and getting a new one or finding a different shower head that is compatible. 

Either way, you’re purchasing an extra item. Take a close look at the product dimensions to ensure it is adaptable and can meet your current needs. 


The design of the filter attachment itself plays a role in the longevity and functionality of the filter. Check to see if it’s made up of chrome, plastic, or another material. 

Are there gaps between the filter and the showerhead after it’s attached Are there any areas where you may suspect leaks? 

The reviews are a great place to find honest experiences with design flaws.

Key Shower Filter Features and Specs

Now that we’ve gone over the main shopping points to keep in mind during your research phase of the buying process, it’s time we offer further information about the distinct characteristics you can expect from shower water filters. These specifications might seem like small details upon first glance, but they can make a big difference in your satisfaction.

Water Purification

Water purification is the number 1 purpose for a water filter, right? This should be a top priority for any shower filter you buy. All filters will keep out contaminants, but some are better at it than others. Some units on the market are even able to stop bacteria and viruses. Still, most shower filtering products are made to remove chlorine and block out sediments and other harmful chemicals.

The degree of these filtrations will depend on the specific filter you buy and its individual cartridges’ capacity. Typically, the best kinds of filters you can find are those with multiple filtration levels, like the Aquabliss Rejuvia HD. 

Double-check the filtration function and educate yourself on how this process works before you purchase.


Another important aspect you don’t want to look over is the warranty. While not all shower filters will come with warranties, the best ones are usually confident enough in their filtration ability to offer some sort of guarantee. 

You should always aim to purchase an item that comes with a warranty if possible, especially when it comes to crucial health products like a shower filter. 

The warranty assures that if your product does not work, you can replace it and have your money refunded. The best part is that a product’s failure won’t cost you a thing; rather, it will be on the manufacturer’s bill.


Depending on the filter you choose, your product may include an extra filter cartridge to replace the original with once it has been used to its capacity. The Aquabliss Rejuvia happens to come with two replacement cartridges. 

This should be considered an important part of the product’s value, as many filters don’t come with extra cartridges and must be purchased separately. The convenience here is well worth a few extra dollars upfront. 


A shower filter does no good for anyone if it’s too complicated to screw on to your shower head. A good set of easy-to-understand instructions is crucial in creating a seamless set-up and replacement process. 

The goal is to find instructions that are comprehensive enough to give you a clear idea of how to appropriately mount your new filter without risking damage to your shower head or the filter itself.


When shower filters have a ton of small parts, they can be difficult to handle. Sediment filters will need to be removed and replaced, so you want to be handling a filter that you understand how to use. 

Otherwise, when it comes time to replace, it will be a headache all over again.


Still have questions? Read below for answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding our Aquabliss shower filter review and shower head filters in general.

Q: Will the Aquabliss SF500 Rejuvia remove chloramine from my water?

A: No, it is an activated carbon filter, which cannot remove chloramine. Chloramine is made up of ammonia and chlorine and reacts completely differently than regular chlorine does. 

If you are looking to reduce the presence of chloramine in your showers, it’s good to use a house filtration system or find a filter dedicated to chloramine removal.

Q; Will the Aquabliss Rejuvia remove fluoride from my water?

A: Yes, the Aquabliss can remove fluoride from shower water. Excessive levels of fluoride can lead to an increased likelihood of bone fractures, tenderness, and pain. The Aquabliss is a soothing remedy for those sensitive to fluoride.

Q: Can it convert hard water into soft water?

A: While a shower filter can’t soften hard water the way a dedicated water softener can, it can create softer-feeling water by removing many contaminants and sediment from the water. 

While this doesn’t technically qualify as “soft” water, the water will feel less harsh to the skin and reduce dryness and flakiness.

Q: Does it interfere with water pressure?

A: As long as you are replacing the water filters as needed, you won’t notice any reduction in your water pressure. Keep in mind that if you are starting out with a level of water pressure that is already lower than you’d like, a filter may slow it down a bit more. 

Q: How frequently will I need to replace it?

A: This depends on the following factors:

  • How many people are in your household
  • How frequently the shower is used 
  • How bad the quality of your water is to begin with.

Aquabliss recommends switching out the filter cartridge once every six months or so. This will remove the build-up of sediment in the filter and ensure optimal filer performance and extend your filter’s lifespan.

Q: How can I know if it will fit my current showerhead?

A: One of the best parts about the Aquabliss Rejuvia HD is that it’s designed to fit most standard 1/2″ shower connections. The filter attachment was made to be compatible with the majority of showerheads. Still, there’s also an adapter included in the package that can help in case you run into any trouble.

Q: How do I know when to replace it with a new filter?

A: If you’re still not sure whether or not you should go ahead and replace your shower filter, here’s how to tell. First, open up the shower head filter and take a look at the filter. 

Does it look much darker than it was when you put it in? If so, it’s probably time to switch that cartridge out. 

If you’re the only person using the shower head filter, you may be able to extend the life of each cartridge past the recommended 4-6 month time frame. Check your filter regularly after installing to gauge how fast your sediment builds up and establish a proper routine for switching out the cartridges.

Q: How does the Aquabliss SF500 Rejuvia HD help my skin and hair?

A: It helps by removing chemicals like chlorine, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, sediment, muck, and unpleasant odors from your waters before it gets to you. This means that your skin, scalp, and hair will be exposed to far fewer contaminants, letting your natural beauty shine through. 

Q: Will a shower head filter work on well water?

A: Yes! A shower filter will help reduce the odor of sulfur and the presence of limescale in well water. It can also reduce excess sediment found in the water, trapping it within the filter cartridge. 

Additionally, it will reduce the presence of chlorine and other disinfectant chemicals used to treat the water.

Q: What can I expect when showering with the Rejuvia HD?

A: You will notice a difference the first time you shower with the filter in place as compared to all the showers before it. 

The first thing you’ll notice is the fresh and soft feeling of the water on your skin. You also won’t have any overpowering or noticeable chlorine smell, which can be left behind from water treatment plants. 

Your shampoo and body wash products will lather more than usual, and you’ll feel like you’re getting a more effective clean. 

Once you wash off all the soap, you won’t feel squeaky or dry. Rather, you’ll feel soft and smooth to the touch.

Q: How long can I expect the Aquabliss water filters to last, specifically?

A: Aquabliss filters typically last between 6 and 8 months or about 12,000 gallons of water.



Contaminants in your shower water are a thing of the past. With the Aquabliss Rejuvia HD shower head filter, you can bathe in peace knowing that your water is clean and your skin is happy. With a design compatible with standard showerheads, no-leak seals, a multi-layered filtration system, the Rejuvia HD is an easy-to-use and powerful water filtration system that will make your showers that much better. 

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