Do you need a faucet water filter?

Should you filter your water or not? That’s the question!

Your tap water is safe, no doubt. However, you still run the risk of consuming several types of impurities. These can range from chlorine or cleaning agents to heavy metals that give your water unpleasant odors or taste. 

Some experts would advise that you switch to bottled water in such instances. But that can be expensive, not to mention the damage plastic does to the environment. Another option and one that has become popular in recent years are faucet water filters

To fully understand why these filters have become popular, let’s discuss the twenty-five benefits of the faucet water filters

Faucet Water Filters Can…

#1. Remove Chlorine & Fluoride

Fluoride and chlorine are the two most commonly used chemical agents used to cleanse most tap water supplies. No doubt, it is crucial to eliminate diseases and bacteria present in the water. But it also causes a particular odor some individuals can find unpleasant. So, getting a filter to clean up your water is better than ingesting chlorine or fluoride for some. 

#2. Eliminate Odors 

There are tons of reasons why your tap water might have a strange odor. The most important takeaway here is no one wants to drink a glass of water that smells funny. With a faucet water filter, you can get clean-smelling H2O. Installing one ensures you and your loved ones can enjoy a glass of water again without suffering through strange smells. 

#3. Save the Environment

Plastic bottled water is a massive environmental issue. Studies show that people all over the world buy almost 1.5 billion plastic bottles <link:>every day. A majority of these bottles end up in landfills and incinerators. From there, they find their way to rivers, drainage, and beaches. 

Drinking filtered water reduces the stress on the environment and the resulting damage caused by pollution. Some individuals would argue for the recycling of plastic bottles. But that doesn’t matter, because purchasing the plastic bottles encourages the manufacturers. 

#4. Save Costs

Yes, faucet water filters save you money!

Bottled water might seem cost-effective, but over time, you can run up some rather high bills. Installing a filtration system can seem expensive at first, but remember it’s a one-time cost. Once installed, drinking bottled water can be 20–30 times more costly than the same liters of filtered water. 

#5. Remove Heavy Metals

Lead, mercury, and arsenic are some heavy metals that are found in tap water or unfiltered water. These substances can be harmful to the body, and under no circumstances should you regularly ingest them with your water.

Installing a filtration system protects you and your loved ones from the effects of these harmful metals. 

#6. Make Flavor-filled Teas 

Filtered water is excellent at providing a clean base for your teas’ flavors. The theory here is the absence of heavy metals and reduced PH levels increase the release of flavors into the water. 

#7. Decrease Acid Reflux

The PH level of your water should be around 7. Unfortunately, this isn’t usually the case. Depending on your location, your PH levels can get to levels of 8.5, activating pepsin acid in the body. This could lead to heartburn or acid reflux in most instances. 

Water filters help to trend your water PH levels towards the alkaline state. This helps reduce the build-up of acid that leads to heartburn or a corrosive sensation in your esophagus. 

#8. Improve Hydration 

Filtering your water doesn’t just improve its PH levels. The faucet water filter also enhances the mineral content of the water. This, combined with increased PH levels, provides you with a better hydration standard than tap water. 

#9. Improve Digestion

The enhanced water (mineralization + de-acidification) also aids digestion. The better hydration levels you gain from filtered water also help your body carry nutrients and minerals across the body. The efficient transport of nutrients across the body ensures that any soluble fiber is easily broken down and used. 

#10. Boost Skin Health

Skincare experts will tell you that one hack to healthy skin is drinking lots of water. It’s clear by now that filtered water is a healthier option for your body. So, why not the same for your skin? 

The enhanced mineral content in water helps flush toxins from your body faster, ensuring your skin remains hydrated and supple. The filter’s ability to eliminate chlorine also benefits your skin – chlorine can reduce the natural oils of your skin and hair. 

#11. Support Your Weight Loss Journey

Drinking filtered water is a great way to support your weight reduction goals. Drinking water can also be a fantastic trick to reduce those stubborn hunger pangs, meaning you consume fewer calories. 

#12. Improve the Anti-Oxidant Properties

Anti-oxidants are much-needed elements in the human body. One great way to add this to your daily consumption is through filtered water. Faucet water filters improve your water’s anti-oxidant properties by lowering its Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) levels. 

The lower the ORP level, the higher the anti-oxidant properties of your water. It usually ranges from -2000 to +2000. 

#13. Reduce Limescale

Limescale is a sign of hard water and is a residue from calcium carbonate. It usually presents itself as a scaly layer on your pots or kettles when you boil your water. Installing a water filter ensures limescale is never an issue ever again. 

#14. Improve Endurance

Experts claim filtered water can also help with your fitness goals. The alkaline nature of the water coming from your filter helps improve your body’s response to cardiovascular stress during high-intensity exercise or training. 

#15. Improve Your Water Drinking Habits 

This isn’t talked about much, but most first-time users of water filters find out that they tend to drink much more water than before. It could be the thought of drinking mineral-rich water or water loaded with anti-oxidants that gets them to drink more water. 

Or it could be the fact that they don’t need to head to the supermarket to get pleasant tasting water that leads to this change in behavior. Nonetheless, the key takeaway here is you drink more water if it’s filtered.

#16. Remove Organic Contaminants

Asides dealing with heavy metals or chlorine, tap water is also at risk of contaminants such as pesticide or drug residues. Experts still can’t say if the trace amounts usually found in water can be harmful to humans, but no one wants to try that out and see the results. 

Installing a water filter in your home eliminates contaminants from your drinking water and keeps you and your family safe from any after-effects. 

#17. Improve Food Taste

Removing cleaning agents, contaminants, and heavy metals also improves the taste of your meals. Your food ingredients’ natural flavors are retained better due to the absence of these elements, as they also absorb the flavors if present in the water during cooking. 

While boiling the water before cooking can eliminate the contaminants, it isn’t the same for cleaning agents and heavy metals. 

#18. Improve Your Body’s Metabolism

Drinking filtered water dramatically improves your body’s metabolism. This happens because of the enhanced nutrient absorption properties of filtered water. A high metabolic rate is essential to the proper function of your body – it helps with weight loss and digestion. 

#19. Detoxify Your Body

One key benefit of drinking filtered water is detoxification. When you drink filtered or alkaline water, it helps your body kickstart the detoxification process. Considering the amount of junk food readily available these days, regular detoxification is necessary to maintain a healthy body function. 

#20. Improve the Health of Your Children 

Clean water, one that is free of all types of impurities, is vital to the development of children. Their immune system isn’t as developed as that of adults, so they can’t as easily withstand some internal battles that go on within our body when we drink slightly unsafe water. 

Using a filtration system at home ensures your kids get the healthiest water possible and helps them grow into strapping adults. 

#21. Prevents Gastrointestinal Issues

Filtered water reduces the risk of you and your children suffering from gastrointestinal diseases. Depending on your location, most tap water contains giardia and cryptosporidium. The faucet water filter eliminates these bacteria from your water. 

#22. Improved Smoothies

If you make smoothies, you want to use the best ingredients. In that case, what component could be better than water free of all impurities?

Filtered water can act as a healthier base for smoothies, especially if you need a low-sugar option. 

#23. Preserve Your Teeth

Acidic water can damage your teeth and gums. It also leads to the demineralization of your gums if taken over a long time. Drinking filtered water with high alkaline PH levels prevents this from happening. 

#24. Prevent Colds & Flus

The body’s first line of defense to viruses and particles that lead to colds is the mucus membrane. Once you get dehydrated, the mucus membrane struggles to protect the body because it dries out. 

As mentioned earlier, filtered water encourages you to drink more water. This means that you are hardly dehydrated, and your mucus membrane rarely drys up. 

#25. Increase Daily Energy Levels

Optimum hydration levels do wonders for your energy levels. Most times, you feel tired because your body is dehydrated. With your water filter getting you to drink up more often, this feeling becomes a thing of the past. 

The Bottom Line

You should get a faucet water filter as soon as possible. You get to drink water that is clean and healthy, but you also get to accrue all these health and monetary benefits. 

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