For many of us, autumn is the season when we like to do a last serious clean and tidy before winter hits. Or, we like to get out on the road for a drive or a ride, and there is nothing better than doing that in a spotless car or on a glistening motorbike. To help make this all much easier and more efficient, Brush Hero is a great product to help you clean and scrub.

Viewers of Shark Tank may be familiar with this product, as it was featured in a season 9 episode. Brush Hero gained a great deal of popularity and recognition after the product and its designers appeared on the hit ABC show.

However, Brush Hero is far more than a product on a popular TV show: it is a unique, innovative tool that will make cleaning your car or motorcycle easier than you imagined. You can use it for any car or bike part, and — if you are really in the cleaning mood — works great on everything from BBQs and grills to garden furniture, patios, and even pets. 

Brush Hero is gaining plaudits across the board, but is this really the best cleaning product you need for your home and car? Let’s delve a little deeper to find out more about this unique cleaning tool. 

What is Brush Hero?

Brush hero

Many products are described as unique, but Brush Hero really stands out from many other products. Its design is unique amongst similar, competing tools in its field.

Brush Hero was created by Glenn Archer and Kevin Williams, two men who describe themselves as ‘car geeks and cyclists.’ They wanted to create a tool that would delicately clean and scrub their bikes and cars and create Brush Hero as a wheel cleaner. But once they had created it, they realized it was much more versatile and could be used for a much wider range of tasks.

Brush Hero is a water-powered detailing brush for cleaning cars, bikes, and much more. You hook it up to your garden hose, and the water pressure then powers the Brush Hero. The head rotates while water gushes out, washing and loosening any dirt on the surface you are working on. You can adjust the pressure depending on your needs.

Because it is powered by water, you don’t need to do any tiring scrubbing yourself — you just let the brush do the work. It also means that it is more energy-efficient than using a battery, and it uses less water than the standard hose. 

Many people avoid using a pressure washer for cleaning their cars and bikes for fear that the high-pressure water might do more harm than good. Instead, Brush Hero works like a hybrid of a low-pressure power washer and cleaning by hand. So, you can say goodbye to tiring days on your hands and knees, scrubbing and washing your car or bike!

How Do You Use Brush Hero?

As mentioned briefly, you only need to hook up your Brush Hero to the tap or hose to get it going. There’s no need for electricity or a battery. 

The water pressure generates torque and power to rotate Brush Hero’s head. This process enables you to gently clean areas with the Brush Hero’s soft detailing brushes. You can up the pressure, too, to clean tougher, dirtier surfaces. The product includes two different brush heads, which you can choose depending on what you are working on. The water gushing out of the head helps to soften and wash dirt while the head spins to scrub the surface. 

This requires minimal effort from you, apart from gently moving it around the areas you want to clean. You shouldn’t need to do any scrubbing yourself.


Comfortable and Easy To Use

The handle of the Brush Hero is very comfortable and easy to hold. This is in stark contrast to many tools out there, which can leave your hands sore and blistered after a session of cleaning and scrubbing. While the tool already makes cleaning much easier, the comfort of its handle and general use removes another layer of discomfort.

The Water Pressure Is Kind On Your Cars And Bikes

Using water pressure to power the Brush Hero is one of its key innovations and benefits, and it brings a raft of its own advantages. 

The relatively low-pressure flow of water — a pressure you can easily adjust using the flow control valve — helps to loosen and soften dirt, mud, and whatever else you are trying to scrub off. And it does this while powering your brush to rotate and scrub the surface. 

This is such a key benefit because it addresses two important concerns that many have when cleaning their prized possessions: That high-pressure power washers might cause damage; and that scrubbing the surface hard might leave its own scratches and marks. Using water pressure makes it a much more effective cleaning tool and reduces the damage to your car or bike that might usually occur.

Saves time, energy, and resources

As you have probably gathered by now, this tool will save you a lot of elbow grease. But that’s not the only energy it is going to save. Brush Hero uses no electricity and doesn’t require a battery: It is powered solely by the hose you hook it up to. You can use it all day without the risk of it overheating or using too much electricity, and it is much more efficient with water than the standard pressure washer. 

Even though it isn’t powered by electricity or a battery, Brush Hero still packs a punch. The head doesn’t rotate as fast as other electric tools, but the speed is perfect for working dirt and grime away. Brush Hero isn’t going to under- or overcook it. 

Makes Precise Cleaning Easier

This deserves its own section because this is such a key part and pet peeve of cleaning jobs. 

Many of us spend what feels like hours carefully cleaning spokes and other crevices in our cars. These areas can accumulate a lot of dirt and dust, but we are reluctant to scrub too hard for fear of causing scratches. Stuck in this bind, we are left on our hands and knees carefully scrubbing for a while. 

Many users note that the improvements here are one of their favorite features of Brush Hero. Getting into crevices and the tight gaps of your wheels’ spokes is easy. The tool’s rotating head cleans these awkward spots for you. And it comes with a softer brush that you can use if you want to be extra careful about not leaving any scratches. 

Easy To Assemble

This latter point brings us to another great feature of the Brush Hero; how easy it is to put together. To start using Brush Hero, all you need to do is screw it to your hose and then turn the tap on when you are ready. 

And changing brushes is very simple, too. The quick-connect adapter enables you to interchange different attachments without needing to screw and unscrew anything. 


You can use Brush Hero for cleaning more than just the wheels and those awkward crevices nearby. It has proven to be very effective for cleaning the exhaust and front grille. These areas often require heavy-duty cleaning solutions to break up the soot and dirt that builds up. A regular clean would also likely miss grooves in the grille at the front of the car. 

Instead, Brush Hero eliminates dirt in these places without the need for any harsher chemicals. The rotating head and water flow make it easier for you to pick up what a regular brush might miss.

Many other car and cycling geeks have found that Brush Hero is very effective at working on other things, too. You can use Brush Hero to clean dirty, rusting grills with ease or the dirt and wear and tear that accumulate on garden furniture. If you want to get down and do an exact job, you can use it to clean your patio, too, as a more efficient alternative to a pressure washer. Some people even report using it to gently clean their pets. 

If you find that Brush Hero is effective at cleaning the tough dirt and grime somewhere in your car, then it is likely you can use it for the same task elsewhere.


Most of us have endless dirty rags and sponges lying around our garages and workshops. Leftovers from years of cleaning, they aren’t that clean themselves, they look ready to rip and break up at any moment, and we tend to get through them pretty quickly. 

Brush Hero is well-made and long-lasting. You are unlikely to need to keep replacing parts, and its brushes will last for a long time. The bristles may be delicate enough not to scratch your car, but they are also strong enough not to break down or soften.


Leaking Water And Problems Attaching The Hose

Attaching Brush Hero to a hose is a key selling point, but it is not without its problems. First, many users report that attaching it to the hose isn’t as simple as described. Often, the brush pops up when the water pushes through, and it can then be difficult to keep the brush from popping up. 

Second, it leaks at the connector. On one level, this isn’t too much of a problem. You are cleaning your car with water, so a slightly larger pool of water around your car doesn’t make too much of a difference. In reality, the efficiency of powering Brush Hero with water is diminished when water is leaking and not going towards cleaning. How can you reassure yourself that this is a more energy-efficient way to clean your car if you can see the energy that is being wasted?

Only Two Different Options

Brush Hero enables you to interchange two types of brushes to suit the job you are doing. It is an obvious benefit, but why only two? This seems to limit. Given that it is marketed as very versatile, it isn’t easy to believe that just two brushes will cover all bases. If you are caught between the two, you will have to use an insufficient brush, and so you’ll take longer, or you’ll have to use a brush that is too strong.

May Sometimes Be Quicker To Clean Without It

Due to the lack of alternative brushes, customers have claimed that it can be easier to use a more traditional brush and water combination. In some cases, it isn’t always very effective on heavy-duty surfaces because the brush is too flimsy, while others prefer to clean manually if neither brush option is quite right. 

Breaking Down

Some customers report that parts break under limited pressure, while the head can stop working when it touches harder surfaces. Indeed, some online shoppers describe that their brushes were ruined after first using it. 

Particularly frustrating is that the brush can stop working when the water pressure is too high because the system clogs above a certain level of pressure.

Is It Worth It? 

While the downfalls of the product are definitely drawbacks, they are relatively uncommon and do not mean that Brush Hero is a bad product. 

Ultimately, Brush Hero is a convenient tool that makes cleaning easier and more efficient. It runs well on very little water pressure, enabling you to clean and loosen dirt while you brush without using as much water as water pressure. It helps you get into all those tight, annoying spots to give your car or bike a thorough cleaning, leaving no stone unturned. 

Overall, we recommend Brush Hero as a cleaning tool you should buy. Buy it today and you can get started with Brush Hero as soon as you like. It is an affordable, versatile option for anyone, regardless of what you are planning to clean. 

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