Everything You Need to Know Before Purchasing

Showering is a part of daily life. It isn’t something many of us spend a lot of time thinking about—but you should.

The water you use for daily washing, as we always mention, may not be as clean as you think it is. It may even be contributing to some pretty nasty side effects, especially relating to skin conditions. 

Showerhead filters are increasingly becoming a staple in homes for this very reason. These devices filter the water coming through your pipes to ensure that the water you bathe in is as clean as the stuff you ingest.

Filtered drinking water has seen a distinct rise in popularity over the past decade. This increase is primarily due to the heightened awareness of the damage unfiltered water can cause. If you’re showing that awareness for your drinking water, why not hold that same energy for your shower water? 

The AquaHomeGroup shower head filter presents a solution to many problems related to shower water. With its multiple filtering levels and features, we think it’s no exaggeration to say it is the best handheld shower head. 

AquaHomeGroup Handheld Shower Head Review: The Basics


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The shower head filter we’ll be covering in this review is the AquaHomeGroup 15 stage handheld shower filter. The company is on the rise and could now be compared to its big-brand competitors, and it shows in the quality of its products. 

This filter is big on features and easy to install at a relatively affordable price. Its features include:

  • 15-Stage Filter: While I am not a fan of having that many stages on a shower filter, for its current price and AquaHome being able to add it to a luxurious handheld shower is amazing. The filter has a robust filtration system with 15 different stages. It removes contaminants of various types, and it will last you around six months, depending on the frequency of use
  • Vitamin Infusion: There are a variety of nutrients infused into your shower water via the filter. This includes vitamin C+E, activated carbon, alkaline ceramic balls to reduce acidity, KDF-55 (redox media), calcium sulfite, maifan stone, and geranium balls.
  • Sturdy Design: Some shower head filters use flimsy plastic and rubber in the design. Not this one. Its premium chromatic-metal design promotes resilience and observable quality.
  • Screw-On Installation: It couldn’t be easier to attach right out of the box. If you do struggle in any way, AquaHomeGroup have you covered, as every order comes with a USB drive full of installation instructions.

Now let’s get into the benefits that you receive when purchasing the best handheld shower head on the market.

AquaHomeGroup Handheld Showerhead Benefits

The most noteworthy feature right off the bat is the 15-stage filtration offered by the showerhead. AquaHomeGroup boasts that this is the maximum filtration level available, meaning the water you receive is pristine. 

The circular head consists of multiple layers, including the spray plate, a replaceable cartridge, and a premium metal frame. 

The result is a powerful flow of water entirely free from potentially harmful chemicals and irritants. While this in itself is a profound benefit, the shower head filter also promotes further benefits, including:

  • Dry Skin Relief: If you often leave the shower feeling a little dry, especially relating to flaky skin, it’s usually a reaction to the excess chlorine. It may also be an allergic reaction to other pesticides in the water. The AquaHomeGroup 15-stage showerhead offers relief from dry skin by removing excess chlorine.
  • Smoother Hair: If your hair feels dry and matted after a shower, it is a further indication that your water has too many additional chemicals. The 15-stage filtration of this shower filter removes that entirely.
  • Odor-Free Water: Your shower water shouldn’t have a scent. If it does, it’s often a sign of chemical contamination. With the right shower head filter, you can have a shower that only smells of what you want.
  • A Spa Experience at Home: Part of the 15-stage filtration is a unique infusion of vitamin C and E, which benefits both your body and hair with all the nutrients they need for healthy growth. You may even notice a difference in your nails!
  • Softened Water: The term hard water describes water with high levels of magnesium and calcium. It earns its name from how harsh it can feel on the skin. With 15-stage filtration, you’ll feel a noticeable difference in softness that changes your entire showering experience.
  • Perfect for Colored Hair: Dyed hair requires optimal treatment to maintain its color and shine. Chlorine has been the bane of bottle-blondes for many years. The last place you need it is your shower. Softened, nutrient-rich water is perfect for maintaining your color for longer and saving you money in the long-term!

The combination of these benefits completely overhauls your shower experience, both in terms of enjoyment and health. We’ll go further into detail for each of these benefits later. For now, let’s talk about some specific features associated with the AquaHomeGroup shower head filter.

AquaHomeGroup Showerhead Features Explained


If you’ve already been looking for the best handheld shower head filter, you’re already aware of just how many there are. It doesn’t help that all of them claim to be the most effective available. The only way to honestly know which is the most appropriate option for you is by comparing and contrasting what they offer.

The AquaHomeGroup shower head filter holds its own on the market, despite being a lesser-known brand. Let’s unpack some of the features that make this product so efficient.

15-Stage Filtration

If you have concerns about pesticides, sediments, or chlorine contaminating your shower water, then the AquaHomeGroup filter will certainly ease your nerves. With fifteen separate stages of filtration offered by its design, it’s sure to catch any unwanted impurities before they ever go near your skin. 

If your shower water comes from a municipal water treatment plant, then it’s highly likely it contains excess chlorine. Chlorine is a wonderful disinfectant, but it has no business staying in your water once its function is complete. The thorough filtration of the AquaHomeGroup handheld shower head removes that risk. 

Multiple Beneficial Filter Media

The filter media are another part of what makes the AquaHomeGroup one of the best handheld shower head filters. There are numerous vitamins and minerals provided, which each pose their own unique benefits:

  • Vitamin E: Protects natural oils in skin and hair, preventing dryness and irritation.
  • Vitamin C: Promotes collagen production and keeps hair and skin looking vibrant and youthful.
  • Calcium Sulfite: Actively and quickly removes chlorine and chloramines from shower water.
  • Activated Carbon: Successfully binds numerous impurities, preventing them from reaching your skin or hair
  • Alkaline Ceramic Balls: Adjusts the pH level of your shower water to make it less acidic, therefore reducing the likelihood of irritation on your skin.
  • KDF 55: Works to remove chlorine in hot temperatures precisely, perfect for a shower environment.
  • Maifan Stone: Works to remove mercury, arsenic, cadmium, lead, fluoride, and other heavy metals from your water stream.
  • Geranium Balls: A third and final ingredient utilized to reduce chlorine levels in your water.

Enhanced Metal Brass Holder and Stainless-Steel Hose

Unlike some cheaper shower filters currently available, the AquaHomeGroup shower head filter will stay precisely where you need it. 

Showerhead filters can be heavy, which can often lead to them slipping down over time. Having to readjust them continually can become highly irritating very quickly. This shower filter design has a secure placement in mind.

It achieves this steady positioning through its premium metal design paired with its reinforced hinges. These allow you to adjust your shower head precisely as you want it, which is ideal for taller customers. 

The hose itself measures 59 inches (1.5 m) and consists of stainless-steel, so you know you’re investing in a product made to last. 

Additional Accessories

Each AquaHomeGroup shower head filter order comes with the vitamin-infused shower filter and shower head ready for use. It also arrived with extra accessories, including:

  • High-pressure spray plate
  • Five shower caps
  • Roll of Teflon tape for potential leaks
  • USB drive with installation instructions and video tutorials
  • An adjustable wrench

This order is far more than your standard shower head filter. AquaHomeGroup has considered its customer’s needs, which is always a positive sign from any retailer before purchase. 

Summary: Pros, Cons, and Verdict


  • Luxurious and elegant design
  • Easy assembly and installation
  • Comes with video instructions on a free USB provided
  • 15-stage filtration for maximum cleanliness
  • Includes a high vitamin-infusion rate for promoted health benefits
  • Possesses average longevity of 6 months for each replaceable filter
  • Provides a spa experience right at home
  • Reduces the likelihood of skin irritations, including excessive dryness


  • Some users reported a reduction in water pressure following installation


Overall, AquaHomeGroup is the best handheld shower head filter on the market right now. Its unique 15-stage filtration process means that the water coming through your shower is as pure as it can get, and the difference is noticeable! 

Even if you haven’t noticed a problem before, it may still be worth trying out an effective shower filter. It may even provide benefits you didn’t know you needed.

Does the AquaHomeGroup Shower Head Filter Help Your Skin?

One of the tell-tale signs of contaminated shower water is itchy, dry, or irritated skin. Skincare has seen a real upturn in popularity recently, with the industry quickly becoming a strong competitor to makeup. Many of us are trying out new products to keep our skin protected and nourished. But all of this hard work goes to waste if you’re showering yourself in chemicals. 

The AquaHomeGroup 15-stage filtration addresses all of these skin-related concerns. It removes unwanted chemicals and features a vitamin C+E infusion and alkaline balls to balance your water’s pH. 

Filters Out Skin-Irritating Contaminants

The water quality in your shower is crucial to consider, especially if you already suffer from skin conditions such as eczema or dermatitis. 

Your skin is most vulnerable in the shower for two key reasons:

  1. The warmth of the shower opens up your pores, granting irritants easy access.
  2. We often scrub and exfoliate in the shower, which can remove protective layers that ordinarily would prevent irritation from contaminants.

These two reasons mean the water you’re washing with must be as clean as possible. 

This shower head filter removes chlorine, heavy metals, rust, among further irritants that may be contaminating your water. Through the absence of these alone, your skin will feel the benefit. The difference will be especially noticeable if you struggle with an existing skin condition such as eczema, acne, or chronic dry skin.

With 15 separate filtration stages, the AquaHomeGroup offers one of the best handheld shower head filters available. It also benefits from a vitamin infusion of both C and E, nourishing your skin and hair with each shower. 

Vitamin E Infusion

Vitamin E plays a vital role in protecting skin from the sun. The vitamin does this by absorbing UV rays, which, in excess, can cause irreparable damage to your skin. Using this shower filter doesn’t mean you can sunbathe all day with no consequences, you still need sunblock, but a little boost never hurts.

More importantly, vitamin E naturally occurs in sebum. Remember the protective oils of your skin we mentioned before? That’s sebum. The vitamin E infusion can help to promote sebum and keep your skin protected rather than stripped. The result is skin that feels more moisturized, supple, and healthy. 

Vitamin C Infusion

Vitamin C operates similarly to vitamin E. It is most prevalent found in your epidermis, also known as the outer layer of your skin. 

Vitamin C plays a vital role in keeping your skin healthy via collagen production. Collagen keeps skin elastic, supple, and free of wrinkles. It is for this reason that collagen is often the number one ingredient in anti-aging products. 

While the amount you receive in your shower may be small, increased vitamin absorption through your pores can never be a bad thing. 

What Do the Reviews of the AquaHomeGroup Shower Head Filter Say?

The reviews on Amazon are part of the reason we’ve identified the AquaHomeGroup product as one of the best handheld shower head filters available right now. 

User reviews were overwhelmingly positive, sitting at almost five stars with over 1100 customer reviews. Those are some impressive numbers. To save you from trawling through them all, we’ve compiled the main points we noticed:

  • Easy assembly and installation immediately out of the box. This process was even more straightforward thanks to the USB drive included, which walked customers through the process step-by-step.
  • Softened water is immediately noticeable for users that ordinarily live with hard water. Customers reported quickly noticing a difference in how the water felt on their skin and how much dryness-relief they experienced.
  • The product appears to be premium in quality, with no parts appearing cheap or fragile. Each component boasts a mixture of metal and reinforced plastic, which many customers praised for a sturdy construction.
  • Quick responses from AquaHomeGroup. For the rare occasion when customers had problems with the product, the maker was quick to reply and resolve the issue. The issues mostly had to do with water pressure or the occasional fault, which the company was very fast to rectify.
  • An entirely new showering experience. The reviews with the highest ratings noted the overall experience of showering with the AquaHomeGroup showerhead. Users commented on the water’s feeling on their skin and the benefits they noted afterward in their hair. Some users were also highly complimentary of the product’s spray pattern.
  • Elimination of foul odors. Other users noted that the nasty chlorine or ‘rusty’ scent their showers emitted before had entirely gone following the filter’s installation. These smells can often arise from chemical contamination, which the filter swiftly removes.

Negative reviews were few and far between, but we still feel it’s essential to show you the full picture. The negative reviews mostly pertained to how the filter fit upon the pre-existing shower system. 

Pro Tip: Consider your bathroom before investing in a shower head filter. If you don’t have the room to add a shower accessory, you may find yourself craning your neck. 

Additionally, some users reported leaks occurring at the neck of the shower connection’s neck though the supplied Teflon tape soon put an end to this problem. Others stated that they felt their water pressure had reduced after putting on the new shower head, but many did not report this same feeling. In some instances, rather than lower water pressure, the transition from hard to soft water may falsely indicate a weaker flow.

All in all, the reviews are positive, and the filter succeeds in achieving the consumer’s aims.  With over 1100 reviews, there are likely to be some negatives. Overwhelmingly, however, customers felt more than satisfied. There was a particular appreciation for the product’s appearance, with many noting that it did not appear clumsy as other filters did. 

Buyer’s Guide for Choosing the Best Handheld Showerhead

Why Do I Need a Water Filter?

It might all look the same, but water changes fairly significantly between states, sometimes even between cities! These changes can relate to the ‘softness’ of the water, how it feels upon your skin, and perhaps most importantly: the chemicals that reside within it.

It isn’t uncommon for pesticides and similar toxic substances to be present in your shower water. Though many people often associate chlorinated water with cleanliness, inhaling it during a shower can pose some serious health risks in the long-term. When inhaled, chlorine goes straight into your bloodstream and is challenging to filter out properly. 

Why Is a Shower Head Filter Necessary?

Your skin is essential. It’s the biggest organ your body possesses. Complications and irritations from excess chemicals in your shower water can do some severe damage. Your hair can end up brittle and damaged, and your skin can become dry and flaky. It can even exacerbate conditions such as acne and eczema. 

Shower filters remove this problem by ensuring the water on your skin is free from all chemical irritants. They aren’t only beneficial for your health, either. They also make your shower water feel better since filtered water is often smoother or ‘softer’ due to the lack of calcium. 

You may have experienced this softness for yourself if you’ve ever been to a spa and used their pools or showers. With the right shower filter, you can bring the spa to your home. 

Why Is Chlorine So Bad for Your Skin and Hair?

Strips Natural Oils

Your skin naturally produces oils that keep it hydrated and protected from overexposure. These natural oils are vital for your skin, especially on your face, which is why you should never over-exfoliate or use highly-stripping scrubs daily. No one wants their skin to feel oily, but too much chlorine can strip it to a dry and itchy base. 

Exacerbates Existing Skin Conditions

Chlorine can further irritate any skin conditions you may already have. This worsening is especially extreme in children, leading to persistent rashes and discomfort with seemingly no apparent cause. Often dismissed as ‘heat rash’ following a shower, the reason may be the excess chlorine in your water. 

Part of the reason unfiltered shower water can have such a disastrous effect is because of the temperature. Warm water opens up your pores, which unwanted chemicals such as chlorine can fill almost immediately. Due to chlorine’s low molecular weight, it can enter your bloodstream with ease.

Long-Term Damage to Hair

It isn’t just your skin that chlorine is harmful to either. Your hair can take a real hit from chlorinated water. Too much of it can leave it exceptionally dry and cause far more split ends, meaning more hair appointments, meaning less money in your account. 

Similarly to your skin, hair has coatings of natural, beneficial oils. Chlorine strips these away, leaving your hair vulnerable to damage.   

Astonishingly, taking a 10-minute unfiltered shower could put just as much chlorine in your body as 10 glasses of chlorinated water. If you’re filtering your drinking water, you need to be filtering your shower water too. Otherwise, your good intentions are for naught. 

If Chlorine Is So Bad, Why Is It in Water Anyway?

Despite the less-than-glowing review we’ve given chlorine above, it does have its benefits. 

Unfortunately, these benefits mostly reside in the antibacterial realm. They do not extend to the health of your skin and hair. Chlorine is useful for disinfecting drinking water as it breaks down bacteria through oxidation. 

In its role as a disinfectant, chlorine is pretty impeccable. Chlorine and water work together to create hypochlorous acid. This acid then works to destroy bacteria from the inside out, making it safe for consumption. 

However, once this process is complete, there is no need to keep chlorine in your water. By the time chlorine reaches your taps or shower, it’s already gone through sanitization. It’s recommended you filter it after that point!

What Other Contaminants Could Be in Unfiltered Water?

It isn’t just chlorine that might be flowing through your shower. Far more dangerous chemicals may be seeping their way into your skin without the apparent side effects. 

Potential Carcinogens

Trihalomethanes are sometimes present in shower water that hasn’t undergone adequate filtration. You’ll probably have never heard of them. However, in the results of certain studies, researchers have found links between trihalomethanes and the onset of cancer. 

Now, we’re not going to sit here and claim that unfiltered water will give you cancer, but the link is still worth mentioning. It highlights how damaging seemingly innocuous water can be to your body. 

Additionally, it highlights that contaminated water isn’t just about chlorine. Other chemicals can be equally harmful over an extended period.

High Mineral Content

High mineral content, such as excess calcium and magnesium, can do some real harm to your hair, skin, and nails if left unfiltered. 

Water that’s high in minerals is ‘hard’ water due to its uniquely harsh feeling. How effectively these minerals have been filtered out of your water can differ significantly from state to state, city to city. That’s why hotel showers always feel different from your shower at home. 

With all the threats to your skin, hair, and health posed by unfiltered water, you need a robust showerhead that captures all these contaminants. 

What to Look for When Buying a Shower Head Filter

There are numerous factors you need to look out for when shopping for a shower head filter. Though they all assert that they are the best handheld shower head filters available, it isn’t likely they all live up to that claim. Knowing what to look for puts you in the best position to root out the great from the sub-par.

The Specific Filter Content

Any shower filter will claim to remove all impurities and provide only the cleanest of water. That’s great, but to what standard are they achieving that goal? Strictly speaking, chlorinated water is clean; it just isn’t good for your skin. You need to dig deeper than cleanliness to ascertain how useful a shower filter is.

Particular components you should look out for are activated carbon and alkaline balls. 

Both elements work to purify water that passes through the showerhead in a more meaningful way than merely ‘cleaning’ it. The AquaHomeGroup handheld shower head filter possesses both of these features, in addition to the vitamin C+E infusion. Vitamin C is especially helpful as it neutralizes chlorine. 

Filter Longevity

How long does the filter last? Of course, no filter can last forever. It would make life easier to fit your filter and never have to return to it, but the nature of the filter infusions makes replacements necessary. 

Ideally, you need a filter that’s going to last you at least six months. This way, you should only be replacing it twice a year, so you’re getting the most for your money.

The AquaHomeGroup filter lasts for six months and is easily replaceable. You can insert the interchangeable cartridges directly into the filter head within minutes, so it won’t feel like you’re reinstalling the entire system again. 

Before purchasing any filter system, you should look into how expensive the replacement filters are. It might be a bargain, to begin with, but you could incur higher costs over time. 

Read the Reviews

This one might seem obvious, and you’re clearly ahead of the game since you’re reading our AquaHomeGroup 15-stage showerhead review. However, researching is a vital part of any purchase. 

You need to know that the shower head filter you’re considering actually does what it claims. There’s no better way of deciphering this than by reading customer reviews.

Beyond informing you of how well the product functions, these customer reviews can also give you an insight into the size of the product. This detail is especially important if your bathroom isn’t the most accommodating. Customer reviews often feature pictures of the product once installed, so they’re worth checking out for scaling issues. 

Product Warranty

Another big one to look into before purchasing: warranty. 

While the AquaHomeGroup filter is on the more affordable side compared to others, you still don’t want to pay out for a product that doesn’t satisfy. A warranty ensures you’re eligible for a refund if you find that the product is faulty or only not appropriate for your home.

The warranty on the AquaHomeGroup shower head filter is for thirty days. There are more extended warranties out there, for sure. However, thirty days is still plenty of time to decide how you feel about the product. 

You will have had a fair number of showers within the space of a month, so it’s a reasonable amount of time to make up your mind!

AquaHomeGroup Shower Head Filter FAQs

Does the AquaHomeGroup Shower Head Relieve Dry Skin?

Yes. It sufficiently softens and purifies your water by filtering out chlorine, calcium, and other common contaminants. Your skin will feel less irritation over time, and your body will be able to maintain its natural oils. 

Will This Filter Help Promote Hair Health?

Yes. Chlorine is exceptionally drying for hair as it strips it entirely of its natural oils. By filtering out the chlorine content, your hair can retain its natural health. The vitamin C+E content of this filter will additionally keep your hair feeling strong. 

Does This Filter Help Protect Dyed Hair?

Yes. Unfiltered shower water can cause your dyed hair to fade at an accelerated rate, which will ultimately cost you more money in hair appointments. With the AquaHomeGroup filter, you can keep your preferred hair color for longer. 

Are the Filters Replaceable?

Yes. It is easy to replace the filter cartridges once they’ve reached the end of their efficiency. Simply purchase another filter online and fit it quickly and efficiently into the showerhead compartment.

How Long Do the Filters Last?

The total longevity can vary based on how often you use the shower, for example, in a home with one person versus a family of six. Generally, though, the filters will last you six months. 

Will the Filter Negatively Affect My Water Pressure?

No. If you stay on top of your filter’s health by replacing cartridges when necessary, you should find no water pressure difference. In fact, some customers reported a more substantial flow after installation. 

Is the Filter Durable?

Yes. Each AquaHomeGroup showerhead consists of premium metal with a stainless-steel hose. 

Can You Adjust the Position of the Filter?

Yes. The shower head filter features a reinforced hinge design that allows for comfortable height and direction alteration.

Is This Filter Suitable for Pets and Children?

Yes. The 15-stage filtration guarantees that the shower water you receive is safe and free from any potential irritants. The vitamin C+E infusion is gentle enough for both children and pets alike. 

Final Thoughts

Overall, we believe AquaHomeGroup offers the best handheld shower head filter on the market right now. Its 15-stage filtration offers thorough purification while its replaceable filter cartridges provide a nourishing combination of vitamins and pH adjustment. 

If you believe your shower needs a filter, or you’re looking to improve your shower experience, this could be the product for you!