It is dental advice as old as time: flossing is essential, but how many of us actually floss every day? As long as we’re brushing twice a day, then everything’s okay, right? Potentially not.

Flossing provides an additional layer of dental hygiene that brushing simply can’t. Unfortunately, traditional flossing isn’t for everyone.

Forcing a string between your teeth isn’t always the friendliest experience for your gums. It can lead to excess bleeding, soreness, and discomfort.

Thankfully, there’s an alternative: the water flosser.

These handy and useful devices cleanse those hard-to-reach places, rather than leaving it all to a rather harsh string.

There are plenty of options on the market, which can make choosing the right one for you feel somewhat daunting. The Waterpik Sonic Fusion was a pioneer product in water flossing, and Waterpik remains a strong brand to this day.

If you feel like you want to broaden your horizons beyond the Sonic Fusion, however, then you’re in the right place.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through our eight choices for the best water flossing devices available. From Waterpik to Panasonic and beyond, we’re bound to have included a product you’ll love.


What Are the Benefits of Water Flossing?

Before we get into our reviews, let’s review why a water flosser is the best addition to your oral hygiene regimen.

Healthier gums and a brighter smile are the apparent benefits. Brushing your teeth does a lot to boost your dental health, but your brush’s bristles can miss a lot. The gaps between your teeth, no matter how small they may be, can accumulate swathes of bacteria if left unchecked.

Food particles are mainly to blame for this accumulation of bacteria. The issue isn’t visible chunks of food that get stuck in the teeth. Instead, particles can be entirely invisible to the naked eye. However, just because you can’t see them does not mean they can’t do some serious damage.

With a water flosser, you blast through these accumulations! This type of device gets even the hardest-to-reach spots, ensuring that you have a healthy smile and gums free of bacteria.

Who Should Use Flossing Devices?

Some groups may need to floss more than others. They include people who:

  • Wear braces
  • Have permanent dental replacements
  • Have crowns

The reason is that food is more likely to get caught in these structures. While everyone should use a water flosser, people with dental devices are more at risk and need them more.

With the right water floss, you can rest assured you are doing the most to keep your mouth in an ideal condition. Luckily for you, the below guide will provide you with all the information you need on some of the best available.

#1 Waterpik Aquarius Water Flosser — The Only ADA-Approved Water Flosser

Number one on our list is the Waterpik Aquarius water flosser. Waterpik has already established itself as a go-to brand when hunting for the best water flosser. The Aquarius model continues this trend.

In testing, the Waterpik Aquarius demonstrated a 99.9% removal of plaque and was 50% more effective than traditional floss.

The Waterpik Aquarius water flosser masters the balance of being an effective oral irrigator while remaining gentle. It can work on teeth implants or similar dental work without any concerns. The Aquarius water flosser is also an ideal option for those with braces, as it allows you to get to hard-to-reach areas more effectively.

Further testament of the efficiency of the Waterpik water flosser comes directly from the American Dental Association. Indeed, the Waterpik cordless is the only water flosser to have earned ADA-approval.

You can achieve improved oral hygiene and healthier teeth and gums from just a minute of water flossing each day. The Waterpik water flosser is the perfect introduction to this healthy habit.


  • Ten different pressure settings for a fully customized water flossing experience
  • A built-in timer provides an easy way to track thirty seconds of flossing or more.
  • Comes with seven different tips to accommodate the entire family


  • Some users report difficulty when attempting to clean the interior of the handle



The Waterpik Aquarius flosser holds its own among the vast array of products Waterpik has to offer. It earns its ADA approval, and with a whopping ten separate water pressure options, it’s sure to suit your needs.

If you want to try one out for yourself, follow this link!

#2 ATMOKO Water Flosser — Number One Choice for Toothbrush/Water Flosser Combination


Next on our list is the ATMOKO water flosser. This product arrives with a total of eight head options, including an electric toothbrush tip and seven separate oral irrigator heads.

Each head has a unique design to tackle hard-to-reach food particles and plaque buildup that may have accumulated along your gum line. The stream of water successfully reaches areas that you wouldn’t be able to from merely brushing your teeth.

The high-frequency pulsation tool featured with this Water Flosser can adjust using the ten different pressure settings. The highest of these pressure settings tackles even the most stubborn tartar buildup that string floss may not budge. The lower water pressure is ideal for sensitive gums and teeth.

The water tank is completely detachable, meaning it is easy to clean, something many people will appreciate. The water reservoir can hold up to six-hundred milliliters, which allows for uninterrupted water flossing.

The tank also offers double-sealing rings, so people don’t need to worry about leaks with this one. People can store the water flossing tips in a separate sealed container, with grooves to promote health and hygiene between use.


  • Ten pressure settings available from a dial menu make it easy to find the best one for you. Lower pressure can protect your gum line health, whereas higher pressure can remove stubborn food particles.
  • Massage mode via the orthodontic tip can aid gum health without causing sensitivity or bleeding associated with traditional dental floss.
  • Easy-to-use on/off options on the body of water flosser allows for quick turn off, so the problem of sudden and uncomfortable jets is avoided


  • Not a cordless water flosser, so it may not fit on your bathroom counter space as easily as similar countertop models.


The ATMOKO oral irrigator is the perfect addition to your countertop. With six-hundred milliliters of water capacity and eight separate jet tips, this water flosser provides efficiency and customization.

To grab your own, follow this link!

#3 CREMAX Cordless Water Flosser — Best Cordless Water Pick With Concave Buttons


This one is the first among our list of water flossers to be cordless. The CREMAX Cordless flosser is one of the best water flossers available in terms of portability.

Cordless water flossers are generally the best options for people who travel often. The CREMAX water pick features a rechargeable battery to keep you on the go. The water pick charges to full capacity within four hours and lasts for a total of fourteen days. It packs an impressive punch.

The pick nozzle can twist 360 degrees, allowing people to reach areas of your gum line previously inaccessible. The flosser can also get into tight spaces between teeth to promote dental health.

The water tank featured at the bottom of the CREMAX water pick stores up to three-hundred milliliters of water, so you don’t need to worry about running out mid-clean.

A unique feature of this one water flosser is the addition of concave buttons. The design prevents the likelihood of accidental button-pressing, which can lead to excess force on your teeth.

CREMAX products also feature a patented anti-leak interior. If you aren’t an avid traveler but you’re after a water pick that won’t take up too much counter space, the CREMAX cordless is the ideal one for you.


  • The extended battery life of fourteen days with only four hours of charging required
  • Perfect for travelers on account of the smaller size
  • Improve the health of your teeth via the 360-degree rotatable water pick


  • Water pressure not as adjustable as other products, so it may not be suitable for those with sensitive gums.


The CREMAX portable is perfect for both home-use and when you’re on the go. The three-hundred-milliliter tank fitted to the bottom provides enough capacity to keep you going wherever you are.

For further details, click this link!

#4 H2ofloss Dental Water Flosser — Best Water Flosser with Unique Gravity Ball Feature


Following with the theme of cordless products, we present the H20floss water flosser. It arrives with five separate water pressure settings, giving you full customization options while flossing your teeth.

Unique to the H20floss products is the addition of a gravity ball at the tip. It prevents water from getting stuck, no matter which way you turn it when flossing. With this one feature, H20floss sets itself apart from similar water flossers.

The nozzle can also rotate 360-degrees so that you can rest assured of reaching everywhere while flossing. This accessibility, paired with the multiple pressure settings, makes it one of the best water flossers available, provided you’re okay with owning a portable model.

Both the internal and external design of the water flossers come fully waterproof, which prevents leaks and any accidental damage when flossing.

The battery life on these water flossers is also impressive, allowing for ten-fifteen days of usage on a full charge. The water flossers can charge up using any one device, including a power bank, phone charger, or PC.


  • One charge can last you ten-fifteen days.
  • Unique gravity ball nozzle sets this product apart from similar water flossers with greater accessibility.
  • H20floss products feature a 100% refund guarantee if you are unsatisfied within the first thirty days and a replacement guarantee within the first twelve months.


  • Some users felt the product design was too bulky for comfortable use.


The H2O Portable flosser provides five separate cleaning modes with full accessibility from 360-degrees. If you’re looking for an innovative way to water floss, you found it with this product.

If you want to grab one for yourself, follow this link!

#5 MOSPRO Cordless Professional Water Flosser — The Top Customizable Experience


Continuing with cordless water flossers is the MOSPRO Professional. This one is among the best water flossers available for tackling limescale and dental plaque due to its multiple pulsations and pressure settings.

There are three modes featured in total: normal, gentle, and pulse. All three are accessible via the menu panel. This customized approach to flossing means you are in complete control when cleaning your teeth.

Removal of debris from your teeth is easy with the 360-degree rotatable nozzle. There are also four separate tips available, so the entire family can use the device with their teeth without worrying about bacteria transfer.

The detachable tank makes it easy to clean and can store up to three-hundred milliliters for continuous use.

The battery life is not as impressive as previously mentioned products, but it still holds its own. A single charge will last you seven-ten days. The device can power up via a variety of charging equipment, so your choices aren’t limited.


  • Can work with teeth implants without damaging or compromising them
  • Multiple pulsation modes featured on the menu allow for a fully customized experience.
  • Four interchangeable tips available for family use


  • Some users report that this device lacks the flossing precision of countertop flossers.


The MOSPRO water floss device provides everything you need to improve your oral hygiene. It possesses the sensitivity for braces-cleaning and the power to budge even the most stubborn of plaque.

To get your hands on your own, click this link!

#6 Philips Sonicare Airfloss Ultra — Best for Reliability


Next on our list is the Philips Sonicare Airfloss Ultra. Clinically proven to remove up to 99.9% of plaque from tested areas, this Philips device certainly achieves its intended purpose.

What makes this product unique is its ‘tripe burst’ function. It combines both air and liquid to offer a distinctly thorough clean.

The Sonicare Airfloss re-released in 2017, having taken on board some prominent criticisms from previous customers. The newer design features make reliability a priority.

Philips is so confident in their device that they offer a full refund within the first ninety days if you aren’t satisfied. Looking at the product specifications, we’re also confident that it won’t disappoint.

The Airfloss Ultra comes with two Airfloss Ultra high-performance nozzles, in addition to 1 x charger base and 1 x trial-size BreathRx mouthwash sample. Philips Sonicare isn’t the first flosser to use water or mouthwash, but it is the only one on this list that offers its own sample brand.

Whether you choose to use water or mouthwash when flossing is down to personal preference. Both provide highly efficient results!


  • Redesigned for greater reliability and, if you aren’t satisfied within ninety days, you can claim a full refund.
  • Free mouthwash sample included with each purchase.
  • Unique triple burst function allows for a full-clean of your teeth and mouth within just sixty seconds.


  • Some reviews highlight that the rechargeable battery provided does not last long, with some users replacing theirs year-on-year



The Philips Sonicare comes refurbished and redesigned from its previous model, making it the pinnacle of reliability. The ninety-day guarantee alone is enough to put your trust in this product, but its myriad of useful features seal the deal.

To view the product for yourself, follow this link!

#7 Panasonic EW DJ10 A Cordless Dental Water Flosser — The Best Collapsible Travel Flosser


Second-to-last on our list of the best water flossers is the Panasonic Dental Flosser. This item makes a unique addition due to its collapsible design, which is a function no other flossing device on this list can claim.

The DJ10A collapses to half of its size and can easily store within a travel case. You can take it anywhere on account of its unobtrusive design, including the office or gym!

This portability does come at somewhat of a price. It isn’t as powerful as others on this list, nor does it share the same breadth of features. However, that shouldn’t deter you entirely.

This item is the perfect option for those on the go or who want to upgrade the hygiene of their teeth without having to give up half of their bathroom counter.

The tank holds one-hundred and sixty-two milliliters of water, just over half of what comparable cordless flossers can hold.

If you’re looking for an effective device for your home, this isn’t it. If you’re looking for something to take with you on the road (wherever you go), then it’s the best on the market.


  • A collapsible design means you can take this flosser anywhere with you.
  • Fully waterproof and easy to clean with just the use of warm running water
  • Continuous stream for up to forty seconds of flossing


  • Lacking in features compared to larger, higher-end devices


The Panasonic Cordless is the ultimate in portability. If you have places to be but don’t want your dental hygiene to suffer, this is the product for you. Its collapsible design is its biggest selling point, and though it may not compare to the likes of Waterpik with its features, it shines in its own way.

To judge for yourself, click this link!

#8 BESTOPE Cordless Water Flosser — Top Pick for Longest Battery Life


Last on our list, but by no means least, is the BESTOPE Water Flosser. The versatility of this product is its strength. It arrives with two toothbrush heads and six multifunctional jet nozzles, all of which are capable of 360-degree water flow for a multi-angle flossing approach.

The standout feature of this product is its battery life. You won’t need to rush out for AA batteries any time soon. From one charge, this flosser can keep going for up to thirty days of use.

Pair this with its cordless and portable design, and you have one of the most efficient flossers on the market. When you frequently travel, remembering to charge your devices can be a mission. With the BESTOPE Cordless, you have thirty days of use.

There are five cleaning modes associated with this product. They range from the highly sensitive, designed for use with braces, to the more powerfully-charged that aim to remove stubborn plaque and tartar buildup.

The memory feature keeps track of your favorite settings, so there’s no need to reset it with each use.


  • Incredibly long battery life on account of the 2500mAh capacity battery, 35% higher than most portable flossers
  • Low-noise design means you can use it in the early hours or late at night without any disturbance.
  • A wide variety of nozzles allow for a customized user-experience


  • Some users reported that the button placement on the device made for clumsy use.


BESTOPE’S key selling point is its fantastic battery life. Thirty-days of use is enough to justify a purchase alone. With eight extra jet tips and a fully waterproof design, the BESTOPE earns its spot on our list of the eight best water flossers.

To try it for yourself, click this link!

Final Thoughts

There are many water flossers on the market, each with their own merits on offer. The right one for you can depend entirely on your living circumstances, whether you intend to share it with your family, and what your desired outcomes are. A portable device isn’t going to suit a family as well as it would a jet-setting entrepreneur. The decision is ultimately yours.

With this guide, we’ve highlighted eight of the best and explained why they deserve their spot on the list. From here, the decision is all yours!

Ultimately you can’t go wrong with any of the selected eight. They all work to improve your oral health, and in the long-term, that is undoubtedly a good thing.

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